You’re weird for building this

October 27 – December 2, 2018
With Stephanie Rohlfs
Royal NoneSuch Gallery
300 Jefferson Street
Oakland, CA 94607

You’re weird for building this was a collaborative two-person exhibition with Oakland artist Stephanie Rohlfs. Inspired by “animal enrichment devices,” the objects provided by zookeepers and pet owners to reduce stress and improve an animal’s quality of life, we presented enrichment devices for human audiences. The utilitarian decisions made by industrial designers became generative springboards for sculptures that enclose, support, tease and soothe. Custom furniture, live plants, sound and atomized scents created a space for a playful investigation of the relationship between artist, viewer and object.

All photos by Graham Holoch

Press: Camile Messerley, “An hour of play reveals more than a year of conversation: Careful Mirroring in You’re weird for building this,” Journal, December 5, 2018